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Dandelion Seeds

Hey everyone!
My name is Becca.

All About Me

Hello there!

The events of the past couple of years have reminded me of the importance of a flexible schedule and the simple joys of life. Spending quality time with loved ones, lending a hand wherever I can, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery became my new goals. It was with this renewed sense of purpose that I launched Dandelion Smiles, a platform dedicated to helping people organize their lives and discover the beauty in the everyday.

A bit about me: I proudly hail from Ohio (O-H...!). A few years ago, I earned my B.S. in Civil Engineering from Ohio University (go Bobcats!), and in 2018, I packed my bags and became a North Carolina transplant. It's safe to say I'm absolutely loving life in the Tar Heel State. When I'm not immersed in crafting, I'm out exploring, traveling, nurturing my garden, whipping up delicious meals, devouring books, cherishing moments with my furry companions, and, thanks to my new home in North Carolina, hitting the beach with a perpetual smile on my face.

I have a multitude of exciting projects lined up, and I'd love for you to stay in the loop and join me on this happy journey. Subscribe now and let's share the joy of crafting and the beauty of life together!

Have a day filled with happiness,

Becca 😊


At Dandelion Smiles, it's a women-led journey dedicated to transforming spaces and cultivating joy, wellbeing, and a sense of inner peace for our clients. Founded and led by Becca, our mission is simple yet profound: to empower individuals to embrace the beauty of simplicity, offering compassionate and expert guidance in decluttering and organizing their living spaces.

As a professional organizer, Becca understands that a well-organized home is not just aesthetically pleasing but a source of comfort, efficiency, and balance. Her commitment goes beyond tidying up; she aims to create spaces that strike a harmonious balance between function and aesthetics, enhancing productivity, creativity, and overall wellbeing.

Dandelion Smiles, with Becca's unwavering dedication, is all about brightening lives, one meticulously organized space at a time. She is committed to helping her clients reclaim their space, time, and peace of mind. With a caring and personalized approach, Becca is here to transform your surroundings and nurture your journey towards a happier, more harmonious life.





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